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Take all devices with an accumulator or battery in your hand baggage!

If your device has a battery power of between 100 Wh and 160 Wh, you will need the permission of the airline. And if the power is more than 160 Wh, you cannot bring it onboard at all.

Why is it important to highlight this?

Everything we use in our lives is manufactured on the ground and is intended for use on the ground. During a flight, several factors affect these items - vibrations, changes in temperature and air pressure can affect specific objects which contain dangerous substances, threatening not just the security of the aircraft, but also the lives of its passengers.
Accumulators and batteries are seen as dangerous objects which carry the risk of combustion. That’s why, if anything were to happen, it’s safer if they are in hand baggage so that the flight attendants can react in time.

What happens if a dangerous object is found in checked baggage?

Before checked baggage goes into the hold, it is checked. If, during the check, a suspicious or dangerous object is discovered, the owner of the baggage is asked to contact the airport information centre or security staff via the PA system. If the owner does not present themself by a certain time, the airport security staff and a police representative check the baggage and, if necessary, remove the dangerous item. The owner is informed of the removal of the dangerous item with a statement placed in their baggage.

What happens with the removed items?

All removed items are placed straight away in special sealed containers and discarded. The removed items cannot be retrieved!

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